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Good morning Donna, Mike and all of our cruisemates friends to follow. Donna, good to hear your tree is up. I am considering not putting a tree up this year myself. It seems as if I took it down just three weeks ago for last year.

Mike, doesn't it feel so very good to help people out when they least expect it? Being fair is what life is about.

Today's weather is rainy and we were not expecting rain until tomorrow. The weather forecasters are a lot like the NFL referees... mostly wrong. My it has been warm! Got up to the lower 80s F yesterday and for today.

I also have been having a bear of a time trying to get to this site and staying on it. I always return to the messages tab and return that way. If I choose the "back" arrow, I get bumped to the last page of a thread and I do not want that. A new day everyday!!

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