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Hi Kids,
Bright & shiny today, going to be in the high 50's & a great day to see the hawk, which seems to be living in my back yard somewhere, Whatta beauty! Those wild turkey better watch out

So, I took my beading class for this technique called kunihema. The better part of the class was spent loading 8 strands of thread with 35 beads each..oy...If I get anything worthwhile, I'll post a pic of my $$ lesson!

Once again, Bruce cannot hold out till Christmas,so my new 8.9" Kindle Fire, should be arriving today. Will be interesting to see the new features.

Mike I hope you & Betty, have a fun time in the far east. I know you will be eating all kinds of nasty stuff, given your past food junkets. Bring some pepto! Have a ball, post if you can!

Make it a good one.

Trip, with her book & tea!
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