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Another bright and sunny day here in Patzcuaro, Mexico...will reach about 75 degrees f. again I suspect. No Christmas decorations going up here, bah humbug!

Why, because we are busy taking our suits to the cleaners and beginning packing for our cruise. A week from tomorrow we go to Mexico city spend the night before flying to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Then we spend three nights with our good friends Terry and Phoebe and then back to Fort Lauderdale for our cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam 12-16-12.

After the cruise we will be spending three more nights with the same friends and then fly to Mexico city for a couple more days of playing tourist. Then itīs home for us on 12-28 or 12-29. Not sure of that yet.

I guess Iīm glad winter is over.. perhaps that is true some places but we havenīt seen winter as yet....and I hope it stays that way!
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