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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Is Celebrity an upscale line?. It is not Crystal and it is not Seaborn, but yes it is at the top of the scale of the mass market lines. What makes it that way? Tuxedoed European service in the dining room from very well trained wait staff. Menu and presentation of food far superior to most mass market lines. Knowledgable wine stewards not bar servers or waiters serving your wine at dinner. No Macharena, o solo mio, or dancing waiters in the dining rooms. A better class of service in the room, at the pursers desk, from the bar service. Better shows , better entertainers, better equipment , better facilities. Each just a notch, but a noticable notch, above the other mass market competition. I cannot believe that anyone will be turned off by an improvement in little details such as champaigne upon boarding and cold towels by the pool.
Let's put it in Hotel terms. Celebrity is mass market the way Hyatt and Marriott are and Carnival is mass market like Best Western or Holiday Inn. All are mass market, none are bad , all in fact are good, but one is a notch above the other.
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