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Good Afternoon to all. I too had no problem accessing this forum via the traditional way! Let's hope the problems have been permanently solved or will be shortly.

It's also quite warm today with the high expected to be around 70. However increasing clouds harbor the coming change via a front followed by back to more winter type temps (lows in lower thirties even down to high twenties and highs in the low forties). Our rainfall is two inches down for the year so accompanying showers will do us good.

All my Christmas giving this year will be via check or gift card which, while to some impersonal, nevertheless provides the ability for the recipient to get what he/she truly wants and also which, in most cases, I haven't a clue. Since they expire at the end of the year, I did cash in my accrued credit card points for two $100 gift cards (one to Red Lobster the other to The Outback) which are my Christmas presents to myself for when I go out to dinner with someone. I will have to wait up to four weeks for them so I'm hoping they arrive before the Holidays. Time will tell.

Hope everyone is well and happy and my sincere prayers for all on the list continue as always.
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