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Having never had a problem before .. I printed off my boarding pass last minute and didnt check it. Mine said neither VIP or priority. Luckily no one looked that closely in NOLA .. I managed to get all the way to the VIP check in room before someone said.. your boarding pass doesnt say you are platinum or higher.... opps. This was just last week. So make sure yours says one or the other.. print it before friday night lol, as that late, nothing you can do to get it fixed.

My card was there though, so it wasn't a issue.. but it pays to double check these things lately it seems. I almost always bring a old platinum card ... just in case .. but didn't this time.

I've checked in VIP enough times in NOLA that I kinda breezed my way past several security guards who were more intent on my passport picture than my boarding pass saying VIP .. whew.. got lucky. Next time I'll double check!!!
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