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A sunny, but very cool day in NW Ohio. Highs in the 30's. That is after several dreary, but warm days of late. Yesterday was in the upper 50's and Monday was in the 60's. Unusual for NW Ohio in December.

Got the expected, yet not so good news yesterday that I need additional surgery on my cervical spine. I had three discs removed/fused in 2011. I have another level that has herniated and is pushing on my spinal cord, causing problems. I was hoping for something alternative, but surgery is the only correction at this point. Ugh! Three neck surgerys plus trying to get the IVC filter out through my neck in less than two years. My neck is just ugly at this point - think bride of frankenstein!!!!

Went shopping with both daughters last Saturday. Wore me out! I can no longer keep up with them, but they were good about staying close to me and walking slower. I guess our days of running about are coming to either an end, or at least less often.

Not much else happening around here.

RD - feel better!

Mehawk - sympathies to your former stepson's family

Trip - enjoy the new Kindle

Manual - enjoy your time out and about

Aerogirl - we get your weather shortly after you get it!!

And to the rest who log on later - have a great day!
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