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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
Bill, I enjoyed meeting you last week. A unexpected treat to meet a genuinely nice guy who like me knows a lot about Carnival and just wants to share their knowledge and help people.

I didnt get much chance to say hello to your g/f but Im sure she is as nice as you.

I sold most of my Carnival stock a year ago, only kept 100 shares. With so little its not going to make much of a difference to me one way or another, but nice to have.

A lot of companies are declaring special dividends before tax rates are hiked next year. Can't say I blame them.

You have me more interested in trying out Sunshine .. especially if Noonan will be the CD. I hope we run into each other again.
A pleasure meeting you, too. Unlike some phoneys on another website, you actually do cruise, and quite often. Elizabeth doesn't do CC but we did one time enjoy a Cruisemates party.

I've been doing CCL dividend reinvestment for a while and hold the stock in a retirement account anyway. Not a real active trader.

Something over 110 companies have declared a special dividend. Why give to the government what you can give to the company owners, big and small.

I expect tax rates on both dividends and capital gains to change next year, with dividends ending up at a higher rate than capital gains.
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