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David Starkey
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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

I agree Celebrity food quality has declined from the early 90's, but that is true of most of the cruise lines. What used to make cruises so special was the quality and presentation of food. Todays Celebrity falls short here. As far as staffing, I find that Celebrity is just as good as ever.( I go back to the real Chandris days) My wife has declared that crusing is no longer as "special" as it once was and I must agree. I wish the cruise line would raise the price (modestly) and retain a better product. All the cruiselines are trying to be "everything" to everyone, and that just doesn't work. I for one would welcome a return to clasic cruising but I am not in the Crystal Cruises price catagory.
The low fares currently offered on major cruise lines may be attracting lots of passengers, but to those of us that have cruised for a few years, I fear the "special" feeling of a great cruise with excellent food are just a memory of the past.
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