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I forgot my camera. No pictures to upload. ooops.

I too LOVED the new burgers and the french fries were perfect. More than perfect. Real potatoes cooked perfectly.

I liked the new thin pizza too, because it was never cold and always crisp. I had been served the old pizza once too often soggy and cold. This pizza is smaller and only 4 pieces and cooks so fast that they could always cook some up fresh and piping hot.

I wasnt so keen on the Mexican and the tasting bar. Went to the tasting bar the first two nights and tried the mexican for lunch once and once at breakfast. I like old fashioned crispy beef tacos.

I got one good thing to add I never knew about. For $15 there is a 2 hour martini class two women at my table went to. They said they got 2 or 3 full pours of each of 3 martinis and the history and lots of good information, and lots of receipes .. and both were happy and smiling afterwards and showing their diplomas. Only 10 to a class and its not advertised.

Bill ... waiting4acruise with a g is a genius with trivia, especially sports trivia. I thought I was kinda smart.. but he is incredible at trivia and almost always wins. .. you know the kind of questions.. in 1956 what team changed uniforms or towns ..way back when.

He must study the stuff, no one could know this stuff off the top of their head (he and I teamed up a few nights ). Terry is a trivia genius. His wife is the person I had invited along on this particular Carnival Conquest cruise .. but she decided too much going on .. and she had done Conquest like 8 times before. His wife is a lot of fun. If you are on a cruise with him... be sure and get on his trivia team, not against him

Bring on the pictures .... sorry I have none to add. But I know you take such good pictures yours will be super. I thought overall it was a great cruise, except for coming home with the flu.
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