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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

It's tough to differentiate brands like RCI and Celebrity within the same company when both brands are good, both are mass market, and both share certain backoffice functions.

They're trying to make Celebrity more "upscale" (a very elusive and hard to define adjective), but it's very tough in the current market, where price is the primary driver at all mass market lines.

With the constraints they're facing, I think they're doing a passable job of keeping Celebrity a line for those who enjoy the traditional cruise experience. I won't use the word "upscale" because I think it's loaded. The point is differentiation, and I don't know whether the effort will ultimately succeed, or whether they'll eventually collapse all the ships into a single brand. I think it would be a shame for that to happen, even if Celebrity doesn't always hit the mark for every passenger on every cruise.

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