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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Though it's difficult to pigeon hole cruise lines in today's marketplace.. with my recent experiences, I'd say Celebrity has definately positioned themselves at the top of the "premium" brands.
Not just with the frosty towels, and champagne on boarding, Along with the "rebranding changes" I believe I've noticed a change, for the better, in the general attitude of all the staff onboard. There is a renewed interest on Celebrity's part to dedicate themselves to staff training as well.

A good example of this was on our recent Connie cruise the ship's photographers were asking if we wanted our picture taken, rather than lining us up regardless of how we felt.

I took my first Celebrity cruise in 94 when the Century was two weeks old and I found the product offered, via the crew, to be pompous, arrogant and bordering on rude. In fact, I didn't return to Celebrity for 6 years because of that experience.

I think Celebrity is most certainly on the right road attempting to upgrade their product, while keeping their prices in line with Princess and HAL.

I think they are already distancing themselves from the competition. And if the general state of the industry improves to where they can charge a bit more for their cruises, and therefore increase their food budgets, I think they'll be very hard to beat in the Premium category for some time,

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