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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

My complements to those folks who posted to this thread. The thoughts expressed are well written, well thought out and are written with no antagonism towards other posters. They also did not express anyone's agenda. I have found this one thread to be one of the most enjoyable bits of reading in a long time.
I have a preference for Celebrity , but it is not an exclusive one. Our last cruise was Carnival Legend and it was a fun experience. Someone asked me to compare our Legend cruise to our last cruise on Summit. The analogy I used was this (and you may have to be from NY to understand it). Carnival is like going to Juniors in Brooklyn for Deli and cheesecake compared to going to a good 4 star Manhattan restaurant. Both have there place as enjoyable meals, they are simply different experiences, nothing wrong with either.
Keep the comments coming, I love the thoughts and opinions expressed in this thread.
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