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Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
I don't know that all of the elevators were down at the same time - just some. I would have walked up to Deck 1 and checked the others.
I checked all three the first day they went out. All three banks were out.

I didnt check the 2nd day.

I bought the coffee cup at the coffee place on deck 5 I told you about them charging me 15% tip on a empty coffee cup. (I was surprised)

I just now opened it .. and its not too practical. Its skinny to fit in a car cup holder .. but it narrows in the middle and is taller than a regular skinny type cup. My hand wouldnt fit past the place it narrows to hand wash it with soapy water. You would need a very small hand or a brush to wash it.

If anyone else is cruising soon .. its a nice looking insulated cup for $4.95, plus 74 cents tip. Its usually $8.95 when it includes a $3.95 cup of coffee. They have it on sale right now empty, just the cup for $4.95. Not sure it was one of my smarter buys .. but it says Carnival .. one more Carnival thing lol. I always say it looks like I run a onboard store here I have so much stuff from onboard stores.
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