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Default Celebrity Reflection Completes the Fleet

Celebrity Reflection Completes the Fleet
by Paul Motter

Celebrity Reflection tops off the Solstice-class, and gives Celebrity time for new goals.


Celebrity Reflection Debuts
As the fifth and final new ship of the Solstice class enters service, the management at Celebrity Cruises breathes a collective sigh of relief. Now that the shipbuilding focus is finally over, it is time to return the focus to the things that had made the company strong in the first place - a reputation among picky cruisers for a high quality and high value cruising.

Along with a new fleet, Celebrity also now has a new CEO that for the first time has been given the same style of autonomy that Celebrity, a unique and popular cruise line originally, had before it was acquired by the much larger Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

It is important to look at the history of Celebrity Cruises to understand where it started, to see how it has now come almost full circle.

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