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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

In a word... NO.

And yes.... I go waaaaaaaaaayyyy back to the early the '60's with Chandris.

Celebrity is very "middle market"... and thus does nothing outstanding. Food's okay, service is okay, entertainment is okay... but nothing really outstanding. No "Wow"

Ben and I share a dislike of the M-class. The best things about Celebrity (some ships) are water related... the t-pools on the Century class vessels... and the size of the showers (all vessels).. the showers courtesy of John Chandris.

I noticed on my April Mercury sailing... food becoming more and more RCL-like.. without RCL's chocolate desserts!

I'll agree Celebrity doesn't feel special anymore after 28 cruises with the line. Add to this the recent boondoggle with the Captain's Club....I think my cruise dollars should be invested elsewhere.. where I receive a return on my investment... say Radisson's Gold Points... or Seabourn where my days are counted up to earn free cruises.

I realize that not everyone invests the same dollars in their vacation cruiseplans. But for this single cruiser with $ to invest..... the bloom has worn off Celebrity.

Would I sail Celebrity at rock bottom market rates.... sure..... that's good value. But when I'm looking at the 2-3000 range (those single supplements!!) and onboard charges... it's definitely not a good investment for me.
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