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Happy day mates. Hope everyone is having a good day so far. I just had a bite of lunch. It's still cloudy here. I think we may be in for more rain. I've not been back from my cruise all that long but would love to go on another one. Sigh, won't be happening for a while. Got to many other responsibilities for now.

I thought I was going to the store today but it looks like I may not. Oh well. It just means I get to deal with it tomorrow. Ugh. I hate the traffic in the store this time of year...but a person has to eat.

Donna, I hope the new job works out well.

Snorklr, enjoy the cruise.

Mike, I hope you and Betty enjoys yours, too.

Sue, I'm with the grandkids, I wish it was snow.

Have a good day peeps.
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