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Trip, how are you liking your new toy?

Judy, you like paranormal fantasy, so have you ever read Deborah Harkness? One of her books won paranormal fantasy book of the year at Goodreads but I've never heard of her. Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs came in at three and four and Laurell Hamilton and Charlaine Harris came in at eleven and fourteen, I think. It made me mad the LK came in in front of Charlaine since Laurell's Anita Blake series has gone totally to hell the past few books. She needs to just hang it up. Charlaine, on the other hand, is still going strong with the True Blood series even though she's about to wrap up it with one last book.

I've just read the entire Dresden Files and am reading a book of short stories as a side to the series called Side Jobs by Jim Butcher. I love my paranormal Fantasy.
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