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Originally Posted by lhp View Post
Just got off the Breeze last week....

At the Punchliner Brunch, you hear an audio of Lopez before the Punchliner Host introduces the Comedian....

At the Punchliner Comedy Club you watch a video clip before the Punchliner Host introduces the Comedican...

Again a total waste of money since the folks that are coming from "hollywood" (that I have heard) are the ones who are the LEAST funny.

And it isn't their fault... I only go to the family shows and they are just not geared to handle kids in the front row blowing snot bubbles.......

they are used to hollywood comedy clubs....period.

Again why spend 2 million dollars when the Punchliner Comedy Club was already standing room only???

Kim Harrison has brought better comedians to Carnival than Lopez....(Mutzie, Azeem) now THEY are real comedians...they should have paid HER the 2 million.
I have seen Kim Harrison on 2 cruises. She is great.
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