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Made it home...

Breeze is a nice looking ship, food is good, cabin is great.....however the entertainment sucks! They have 4 female and 4 male dancers and they put on four shows for the week.....all the same singing and dancing just to different types of songs. 1. british 2. divas 3. motown 4. latin. we were board many times.

As for the punchliners comedy...they had shows on Monday and Thursday. We decided to go on thursday they had shows at 7:30 8:30 9:45 10:45 11:45.....we went to the 8:30 show. after that we wanted to stay for the 9:45 adult show however the crew member said everyone needs to leave the theater and wait in line.......fine we did however most people stayed. so now the people outside on line wanting to see the show had no seats because the 8:30 people never left. the crew never inforced the rules. Now the theater was packed alot standing and many did not even get to go in and see the show. at one point cruisers were getting chairs from the casino and carrying them into punch liner. Then one guy walked in the theater and started yelling....."you Fuc*ers get the hell out so the rest of us could see the show. We were at the entrance of the theater no room for us anymore so we left things were getting ugly. If Carnival knew how to run a cruiseship they would have moved the punchliner show to the showroom which is bigger and everyone can get in or add more shows so everyone can see them. The comedians were on the ship the whole time I saw them. Pay them and let them put on more shows.

The Lido buffet lines were long.

There were two deck parties that were fun...a fight broke out during the first party.

A shouting match broke out in the theater when the Cruise Director threw a tshirt into the audience and a women caught it but another women took it from her hands.

The rap music around the ship and especially in the nightclub. I asked the DJ if he could play some dance music and he laughed....Did he think I was kidding??? Later another crew member told me the rap music does not come from the DJ but from the head office and alot of drinks are sold while rap music is playing so rap music is good for business.

We wanted to play dodgeball so we went to the sports deck at 11:00 am like posted on the fun times. Cruisers waited and waited no crew member showed up to host the game and no announcement made. Finally 11:30 they show up. There is no organization on the ship and it seems like nobody cares.

6 night cruise felt like a month. There is no Farewell show where they show the video for the week and have crew members part of the show like on Royal.

To me Carnival is very low budget

TM my grasshopper was $12. each!!!! I would get drinks at either the nightclub or piano bar....I've noticed on my final bill that there was a charge for $20.58 at the piano bar that I did not make I went to the desk and she credited my account. Then that night the bartender from the piano bar wanted to know why I disputed my bill and she was not happy!!! HELLO....the bill was for two drinks a bacardi martini and a chocolate martini...which I never had. She was demanding that I did have these drinks.....Well the only drink I drank all week was grasshoppers I did not have any other drinks other then water and ice tea. She charged me two drinks that someone else had.

We missed out on Grand Turk due to weather and had an extra sea happens can't control mother nature. the worest day was when we were in Jamaica and who docks next to us.....Allure....I was sad I was on the wrong ship.

Now I have to book a cruise since this cruise does not count...
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