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I tink he delivers whatt he promises, I super-rich burger with just about everything you can throw on top of one.

Honest to goodness - that is just not my thing, (I have an aversion too meat with cheese as a food combination, unless it is a little bleu cheese sauce on a filet mignon). Plus as someone said - the calorie count is nuts.

But I did have a Hagen Dazs Malt last week - probably a good 1200 calories, easy.

The menus DO say 1 onion ring. Personally, when I want a burger I want just one or a few fresh rings, not a ton of fried onions, (That smell will get on your hands and never go away), NO cheese and maybe a little lettuce. I can't stand a burger that falls apart when you are half-way through it. I end up just eating the meat and leaving the rest.

That's just ME, though. If you like these kinds of burgers, which are Guy's claim to fame, then he delivers.
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