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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Secon reply to this topic.

We have been cruising since 1969 (9 cruises). We have always cruised primarily based on $$ with itinerary a very close second. I have seen a BUNCH of changes. Most have to do with the quality/types/choices of food and price of drinks and excursions. Ships generally held <1000 pax then. Seafood was always an appetiser back when. Dinner choices were usuall limited to beef/chicken/fish then. Tie/jacket and cocktail dress were required dinner attire back when. Our inside cabin for 7 days plus air cost the 2 of us about $1000 and I was earning $5000/year back then. Today I earn >$40,000 and our 7 day Alaska w/air was $1400. I think I like todays pricing and more casual atmosphere. Hubby recently bought a tux but said he liked casual/freestyle on NCL last Nov better than our 6/1 Celebrity.
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