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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I tink he delivers whatt he promises, I super-rich burger with just about everything you can throw on top of one.

Honest to goodness - that is just not my thing, (I have an aversion too meat with cheese as a food combination, unless it is a little bleu cheese sauce on a filet mignon). Plus as someone said - the calorie count is nuts.
Just to clarify, its 80/20 meat, and tastes like steak. I personally dont eat the bun. You can just ask for meat without the cheese and the condiment table is over on the side where if you want lettuce and another tomato or pickles and all that other stuff.. you put it on yourself.

It says toasted bun .. but I got a cold untoasted bun that I took off after a bite and just left it. But you could ask for it without the bun too.

Then it would just be like a piece of almost steak taste beef that has been grilled.

As far as the "ringer" .. I ordered it .. and its one tiny onion ring.. a inch across that they put some kind of BBQ sauce in the middle of so it was too soggy to eat and I threw it away too. I think its just a hole to put sauce in. Its not like some fast food places do it and put some crispy onion rings on a burger.. its one tiny soggy mess to me. I like onion rings.. but you dont get them on the side or so you would want to eat it. the onion ring didnt even taste good when I pulled it off and took a bite by itself.

The burger itself is what is fabulous and the fries. I agree with Bill .. I liked it better than I expected.. but I mostly just ate the burger and added extra lettuce and extra tomatoes .. or got a salad at the salad bar at the buffet... though that was pretty much more than I could eat at one time. Im used to nibbling, so its hard to me to eat a big meal at one sitting.

Paul .... I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I did not hear one single negative comment. Not one person could not fix up that burger to their own liking .. as I said there is a condiment shack .. and you can order it with or without cheese or no sauces, or not bun...they will give it to you how you want.. and it tastes like steak. It really was good. And I am not a beef person. I almost never order it in the MDR or have it at home. I really am not a beef person .. but it was that good.
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