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Thank you all for replying!

I had already contacted Carnival before I asked my ? here. I was informed that having such difficult dietary needs would never qualify me for 'special needs'...which I found odd. I am not even relying on them for much of my food, I have always lived on bread and PB that I bring from home in the past...who wants to get sick while on vacation? . I learned long ago that food was food, having fun and NOT getting sick is worth a bland, safe from home diet

Donna, I think I will take a few sandwiches off ship, we plan on a strenuous day of water sports and I would hate to stop the fun in order for me to eat. I can say that I am always excited to watch my husband try new, local vicariously through him!

Trip, who would I call? I have no idea! I did try one travel agency locally, but they weren't willing to talk to me unless I booked with them first...and they were offering almost NO discount.

Green_rd, I will email them this afternoon! Thanks for the email address
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