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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
As time moves along at Celebrity, I wonder now if Dan H. was not willing to pump up the cost off cruising on Celebrity. The new fella, Bayley, has stated he is looking at yield now the Reflection is finished and sailing. To me, that means he's more interested in bottom line than anything to do with cruisers.

Certainly the changes with the Reflection show a push to put more people/crowd on the ship at the expense of such onboard sites such as Blu and the The Sky Bar.

After reading some remarks from Bayley, I don't think he's going to be particularly easy to deal with - but that's just my opinion.

And my other reason for my opinion, look at what they've done to Azamara - priced it so high, I cancelled my Open Passage and received a full refund.
Are you aware that most of the public areas and specifically the ones you mentioned were all increased in size to accomodate more patrons.
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