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Default Re: Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?


Very well thought out and concisely opined. I agree with you but I am seeing something that maybe others are missing. Because Celebrity has not built any new ships they are starting to work out the bugs in the system. The comments from the experienced pax this Spring are supporting this theory. Things are getting better for Celebrity.

If you remember when RCI (then RCL) started building significant tonnage in the early 80s, they were stripping their good ships of the best help and placing them on the new ships. As each new ship would arrive the reviews would be mostly stellar but the reviews on the older ships would be good to horrendous.

I think that Celebrity went through these stages as it added to its Millenium class. My feeling is that this is now under control with a greater percentage of workers returning to different ships and being experienced enough to handle the demands that Celebrity requires. I have heard from many recent pax, who I trust for an experienced opinion, that the attitude is better and the quality is better. I think this is the first time that the crews on Celebrity have a clear picture of their goals and the reputation that they have to uphold.

We will continue to watch but I am much encouraged. I just hope that RCI and their airline executives keep their hands off of Celebrity. It really has a chance to be something special in the mainstream of cruise lines.

You have to look at Celebrity as a 3-4 class system; just like the old trans Atlantic liners. The pricing ranges from 3rd, tourist, cabin and first classes. These other premium lines only offer first class and I would challenge each of them to provide as good an experience as I am going to have on Celebrity, first class, especially when you compare the prices. I might love the Penthouse Suite but I also want to hang out at the sky bar and Jam with the crowd in Revelations. I don't want to sit in the dining room with someone who has flown in on their private jet. The premium lines have drawbacks IMO. A steady diet of champagne and caviar can get very dull.

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