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Originally Posted by flowers View Post
I have conquest booked twice more. I have never cruised past May, never in the summer. Last two times I cruised in May I was like .. it's soooooooooooooo HOT.

I don't know how I will feel in July. Living in TX I get enough hot weather, Im not looking forward to it.

I say I like kids.. so this wouldn't bother me.. but maybe Im wrong? July sounds like primo time for kids and really hot weather. I hope my a/c works well in my cabin.

My first ever summer cruise.... gotta do new things once in a while I tell myself. Maybe it will not be so bad. None of the other dates offered worked for me, I already had cruises scheduled. If anyone has cruised in the summer and can tell me it wouldn't be so bad .. please.. I'm all ears.
You got the 4 letter word right - kids.

New Orleans will be steamy, but temperatures in the Caribbean are going to vary that much. Climbing ruins will take an extra effort and water.

It was a little extra effort, but one time I took an insulated hydration pack (maybe 2 liters?), filled it with ice on Lido and then water, and had ice cold water all day long on one ruin climbing adventure.
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