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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Good Morning Kids!!

Happy Tea Tuesday!!

Kat HA!! It's that time of year for the Speedo Run!! At least these guys raised money for a good cause!! It's gotta be to cold in Boston to be in a Speedo....these guys need to be on a cruise instead!!
As for a bad it was not bad....When it was good it was like ok ok this is good having fun....other times it was get me off this ship was an OK cruise not bad not good not excellent. Made the best of it.

Yeah the staff have been trimmed down so some are overworked not to happy and it shows. My sister did Hawaii cruise on Carnival I believe it was the Legend a few years back and loved it she said the shows were good. I think hawaii/alaska/europe cruises are better on Carnival. The cheap caribbean cruises is where sometimes you may have issues.

Oh and at the piano bar and nightclub it took forever to get a drink...not enough bartenders.

Have a super day all!!!
That is a mistake of the cruise line not having enough bartenders the drink sales is now they make their money. I was have tons of bartenders if it were my cruise line. Of course all the male bartenders would be wearing speedo. Hey I wonder if they have a Speedo cruise.Hey there was Speedo cruises in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Some of the pictures are something else. Turns out this happy couple got married on the Speedo cruise.
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