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Oh, One other comment.

This is to congratulate RCI on their efforts, During our cruise, they had a Norovirus on board. Probably had been there from previous cruise, although no way to confirm that. The staff did not let you take a plate, a utensil, or handle any food for one week while they sprayed the entire ship form stem to stern and wiped down the bathrooms, all railings and even wiped down every seat in the Ice skating rink. Yes, I witnessed this personally.

The Windjammer was very difficult getting food and drink (even salad dressing, nuts, raisins, etc could not be offered except by a staff person placing it on your food). It took a long time but everybody got fed and there were no restrictions on how much. You just had to say, I want more and they served it with a smile.

After they concluded that there was no risk to the spread of the virus, all of a sudden we were free to take plates, utensils and food ourselves.

Congrats to ALL of the staff, waiters, waitresses and food service personnel for their relentless effort to keep us safe and healthy. Thank You, thank you.
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