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Disney has shown in the past that they will cater to other markets seasonally. They've decided for at least a season or so that Florida will see all 4 ships. I am sure that our ships will return to Europe. I'm sure they'll return to the west coast. I'm sure NYC will see one again as well. Galveston? Hard to say. I have no access to any numbers, but it's my understanding that it's been a harder sell.

With Disney, people like combining the cruise with a visit to Walt Disney World. I see lots of guests that are doing 3 nights WDW 4 nights Dream. 4 nights WDW 3 nights Dream, or some mix of that. Not as many do WDW and Fantasy, just because of the longer cruise time. Disney is more than a vacation, its a true experience for the families that want it, and the cornerstone of that experience is Walt Disney World.

Now ... what *I* want to see is pairings of Adventures by Disney with Disney Cruise Line.

But we're a small line with only 4 ships right now. Florida is our home, and someone figures there's a market to have all 4 ships in Florida for awhile. So it will be.

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