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Originally Posted by jdeville71 View Post
Zydeco, I love the food porn and posted menus. Thanks
chasinraynbowz, have a great cruise. Feel free to post pictures and a review.
We cruise on the Conquest March 24 - 31st. We can't wait. It will be our 3rd cruise but our first 7 day. We are cruising with my parents and it is their first cruise. We are all so excited.

Thanks so much!!!! This is my 7th cruise and I am just as excited as if it were my first one! I will be sure to take lots of pictures (not as good as zydeco's, but good enough ) and will do my best to do a review. We get back on the 23rd and my Mom will be here from Colorado and the kids will be coming over, along with my grandkids... so it may take a few weeks for me to get it done!!
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