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Originally Posted by WhimsyMom View Post

Donna, I think I will take a few sandwiches off ship, we plan on a strenuous day of water sports and I would hate to stop the fun in order for me to eat. I can say that I am always excited to watch my husband try new, local vicariously through him!
Each port has different laws. More than likely sandwiches are against the law of that port.You say you would hate to stop the fun in order to eat.. if its taken from you as you are getting off in the port because you didnt plan ahead? .... and bring SEALED foods from home you could eat.. you only have yourself to blame. Please dont blame Carnival if special needs does not have a list of the laws in each port. Myself .. I would plan ahead.

But you would need to find out the laws of each port. Carnival may not have a list of the laws for each port you will visit. Carnival cannot make a exception to the laws in other countries.
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