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Originally Posted by blueboys View Post
just returned from our first and last princess cruise. we chose PCL because we liked the length of cruise, what a mistake. did not make two of designated stops one due to weather; I get that other stop not made was colon supposed political rally, but had 2 days at sea on way back and feel they should have put in at least one alternative stop. food was medicore, continually got different answers to same question at desk. disembarking was a disisater, one of us was in wheelchair, the wait was absurd, there were many people waiting in wheelchair area and they would come one at a time with chair and then a long wait until next. clearing customs with wheelchair was a joke, waited and waited for what they said would be someone coming out of office to assist, NOT, then there was no one to push wheelchair, I had both our bags and paperwork to handle so I was not able to do so. Hot on the ship in many venues, could not get into shows even showing up almost an hour before show time due to people saving numbers of seats, even though they were announced not to do so, Princess personnel simply ignored the whole thing. I am demanding some cash refund from Princess , please no credit for another princess cruise , because it will not happen in my lifetime!!!!!! signed, disappointed
Just having returned from 28 days on the Island I have a little different perspective of the ship.
  • The food was consistent with any other Princess ship. Yes there were some dishes that could have been better but in general almost every meal we had was done very well, including both the dining room & Horizon.
  • People in wheelchairs were accommodated even boarding the tenders. Of course there may have been some delays with the speediness that a person in a wheelchair would have liked but they did their best to transport all pax as fast as possible considering the rough boarding at some ports.
  • You say the ship was HOT?? That's weird because only 1 evening was the DR on the hot side. Almost all the bars, lounges & showroom were freezing most nights. We got blankets from MUTS to keep warm in the Universe lounge because it was always so cold. People were wearing their coats to keep warm. Strange.
  • Seats in the show rooms? Only on 2 evenings did the Princess theater get filled to capacity and then even if you showed up 10 minutes before show time seats were still available and very few people were saving more than 1 seat for their spouse. Even the cruise director was going down the isle one evening asking if the vacant seats were being held for a spouse. No one as far as I could see held more than 1 additional seat.
  • Yes the Universe lounge did fill up to capacity so people had to get there 20 minutes prior but that's to be expected in a small lounge.
  • Pool hogs did not exist on the Island like other Princess ships- you could arrive at any pool even at 2 PM on a sea day and always fine a seat somewhere close by.
  • Disembarkation in Fl was a little slow but that was due to limited customs personnel and had nothing to do with Princess.
I doubt you'll get much satisfaction in terms of a cash refund so you really should try a more upscale cruise line like Cunard or Seaborne.
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