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Celiac disease isn't being picky about food, eating anything with gluten would be like you eating rat poison...gluten is poison for my body. I will get so sick that I will need to be in hospital, I can't trust food carts or local restaurants for food. I cannot eat any cereal in the containers, they are all made with gluten or are contaminated by it through production lines.

I do not blame Carnival for the restrictions, but I DO think that there should be changes for the growing number of people with severe allergies & Celiac disease. Accommodations are made for those with physical limitations, people with food limitations shouldn't be left out either.

As far as my not being prepared and being to blame? You have no idea the lengths I go through to keep me and my daughter, who also has Celiac disease, safe. I make 100% of our food from scratch, 365 days a year. We don't eat ANYTHING unless I have verified how it was made and where it was made. I carry 2 days worth of food with me at all times, even if it's just a trip to the gas station...emergencies do happen and I make sure that we always have food. I do not expect anyone to make safe food for me at home, I have never had anyone cook for me. I plan on mostly eating PB sandwiches I bring from home and bananas on the trip, I am not counting on the kitchen to keep me safe...I am bringing enough food in case they don't understand how to TRULY prepare gluten free food.

Thank you though for pointing out 'sealed' foods, I will look into whether those are allowed off ship now.
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