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I apologize for coming across the way I did. Im saying Carnival has no control over the laws in the ports.

Is there nothing you can bring from home that is sealed that you could eat in the ports?

Im sorry for coming across wrong.. I just wanted you to be prepared. I just did Cozumel, Belize and Roatan, so perhaps those ports were pickier. I have never seen them search women's purses before getting OFF the ship.

I was trying to say what if you just tried to smuggle off sandwiches and got caught... have a back up plan and be prepared?

Im sorry .... I should have found a way to say Carnival cannot control the laws of other countries and what ports allow you to carry into the ports in the way of food.

I did not mean to sound like you dont have a huge problem on your hands. I have seen it on FOX news lately too. I do understand your problem, and hoped there was something you could bring from home to eat to solve the problem.

I am really sorry you have to deal with this disease. It sounds awful .. I did not mean to come off unsympathetic.
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