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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
I disagree with your post on many levels. I would suggest you check my posts on other threads and other boards and you will find that I am not a cheerleader for Celebrity. I have criticized them since before you were on any board over their stateside customer service, failure to comply with their own rules, web site and their inconsistencies. I do praise where I feel it is necessary. I try to call things as I see them, good or bad.

Also, please note that I have not given an opinion on this, only straight facts from press releases and Celebrity's own comments.

Finally, they did increase public spaces in volume, you are absolutely wrong on that.

Come back and report what you find after your cruise but it looks to me like you are working yourself up to a big letdown, no matter what.


That is amusing - you have not been around longer than I but that doesn't matter at all. I would ask you - have you been on the Reflection? I haven't but soon will be and I'm lookin quite forward to it. I don't care if they give us coupons or the Sky Lounge. We are taking 6 new cruisers with us and I hope they are duly impressed.

In case you aren't aware of it, I am a travel agent. I more than aware of the follibles of the RCL products, however I will tell you this, they are the best of all the cruiselines to work with when my clients have problems.

I am not wrong about the decrease in the public space but I'll take pics for you next month.

But you aren't seeing them - if you haven't been on the ship, you can't call it as you see it.

Anyway, as I said, I'll let you know. Oh, I take peoples word over press releases.
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