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Sharon B
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Default Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?

Fish eggs - yuck!

Wow! I guess I must be one of those in the mass market you speak of. After 8 cruises we are now addicted and like to cruise 2-3 times a year. Yes we love balconies. I would rather be cruising than stay home. I am prepared to don the long gown and hubby the tux , for only one night in seven.

Everyone watch out ()we are looking at booking our first Celebrity cruise in 2004(Summit) and may even do Hawaii on the Infinity.! Don't be so sure that financial ability has anything to do with how much we are willing to pay. (According to Stats Canada at our house we are in the top 10% of the country for household income - and no quips about the fact we only have a little better than 30 million here) We could afford Seabourn or Crystal, but do not care for so much formality on vacation. A vacation is time to relax and be carefree. I enjoy the service and cruise experience to the point that we will never take a land vacation again.
I do admit that there are some incredibly rude and uncouth individuals on cruise ships, but fom what I have observed, I am not altogether sure that they are from the lower economic strata.
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