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Benjamin Smith
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Default Re: Re: Is Celebrity REALLY an upscale line?


This is a thread about Celebrity's standards, and whether or not they classify as premium or upscale. You express something common and I think fallacious about the notion of the cruise vacation. The whole appeak of the Harry Potter series of books is to escape into a world of fantasy and magic. Some books are to educate, some books are to escape, some books are adventures, etc. The cruise is a specific type of vacation, and, within this specific type of vacation are different types. Some cruises are "country club casual", some are "adventure", some are quasi-traditional, etc. Celebrity, is a line that was designed for the quasi-traditional type of cruiser, one that goes along with dressing a certain way half of the nights of the cruise and not just one, one that goes along with a certain onboard ambiance, not one that wishes to be totally carefree. There is relaxation, there is pampering, spa life, etc., but there was supposed to be an element of mid-century elegance to the cruise experience and the formality and attire that goes along with this. This isn't only about money and who can afford what, it is about the attitude one brings onto the cruise and whether one brings a "mass market" attitude aboard on one that is more premium and something that those used to certain environments reflect and how much the line has gone "too far" to the mass market attitude and product delivery to accept a wider clientele on an expanded fleet.
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