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Well first I must confess I have been on one cruise before many many years ago. I hated every minute of it but my wife and girls loved it. So much they took another a couple of years later and was nice enough to let me stay home so I wouldn't be such a downer for them. Well the wife just finished up some serious health related stuff and got the all clear so she wants to take a cruise to celebrate. None of the daughters can go in the late Jan early Feb time frame she wants to go so I guess I'll give it another try. She want's to go to the Caribbean and I'm just looking for ideas for the most interesting places to go. Sight seeing is one of our favorite things to do. Neither of us are really into playing in the water or laying in the sun on the beach. We're both too close to 60 and we're not interested in partying at all. I guess I'm just looking for suggestions on what ports y'all would suggest based on your past experiences. By the way this is a great forum. I knew there had to be one somewhere online and I really like this one! Thanks.
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