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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
FWIW: I am sitting here with Linda Garrison from Cruises. She said Blu appears to be the sam size to her - however, I noticed that the number of new suites they added with acccess with Blu is just about 40 - not exactly a ton of new people.

I remember hearing in the past the restaurant was always somewhat open. Anyway - please do let u know.
The size difference may not be noticeable since the ship is wider, basically they didn't change the shape just made things bigger with the bigger ship. This is from people who have returned from the ship. The pool deck is definitely bigger and there is a new restaurant on the Pool deck.

As to Blu, they added 24 seats and 34 Aqua Suite cabins however as I said in an earlier post they do not have to let the other suite people in, that is only an option. They should guarantee that AQ cabins and suites are let in first if there is a problem because Blu was set up for them.

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