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Default Outcome

I cancelled based upon the manner in which those off us had been treated. In the end, I called Azamara and demanded a refund...the customer service rep just repeated over and over they would not waive the cancellation fee and I repeated over and over that I was entitled to a full refund since the reason I cancelled was Azamara's reneging on a benefit which had a $1000-#2000 cost...I informed her that I could no longer afford the cruise due to Azamara's action. My credit card company was prepared to try to assist. ..In the end, I got my full refund 'officially' from a management person who possibly was in agreement that Azamara's actions were unethical...if took me all of 5 minutes once I reached this person. I refuse to do with a corrupt, dishonest or unethical business of any kind. It's a shame the new leadership of Azamara thinks so little of it's past cruisers....
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