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Originally Posted by Jeffchandler1 View Post
Oh, common PapaBill, lighten up. Humans always want what they can't have. Jews want ham sandwiches, Mormons want coffee, and Americans want Cuban cigars.

But, as a direct rebuttal to your harsh analysis of sinners in society, YES, there are degrees of sin. That's why they don't execute jay walkers, and they allow several speeding tickets before taking away you license. In fact, the Cuban cigar makers really like the US import laws, as they make their products much more valuable. Do you think the Mexicans want the US to legalize MaryJ?

If Cubans are your thing, smoke 'em. Nobody is going to throw you in jail over a lousy cigar.
Speaking of this - has their been any "fallout" from the Mexican cartels about the legalization of Mary Jane in Colorado? It seems I read someplace that there were some things said by Mexican nationals about not liking it.
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