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Here are our stops and (tentative) plans:

Labadee (private island) - lay in the sun, snorkel, drink yummy drinks

Jamaica - We are both very competent horseback riders, and we were thinking of some sort of horseback ride, probably a private one. Any thoughts about that? Anything else in Jamaica that we shouldn't miss? We know the waterfalls are impressive, but are they usually very crowded? We have seen a lot of waterfalls, in the Smokies, Rockies, and Hawaii. Are these really that special?

Grand Cayman - Stingray city/snorkel tour with Dexter Adventuresea. We are reserved and he has said they will dive a conch for us. The rest of the time we will just snorkel or wander GC.

Cozumel - no plans yet. Any ideas? We do like history, and we are both pretty fit, so I was contemplating a nice hike of the ruins or something. Are there any can't miss snorkeling areas around?

Does anyone know if the Freedom has a midnight buffet, like with ice sculptures and decorative food? That is the thing I remember best about my other two cruises, weirdly.
In Jamaica the horseback riding is a really good choice. I have done it and recommend it. Another good choice is zip-lining. One thing you do NOT want to do is to try to visit any town or city on your own. In fact, do not go pout on your own in Jamaica, it is a dangerous island. Fortunately, that is not true of most islands. The "waterfalls" are over-hyped in my opinion. They are not so much falls as just rapids that local people help you climb over - kind of sumb.

Grand Cayman - stingray city is the classic, tried and true adventure there. Highly recommended.

Cozumel - I would think about a "resort dive" for real scuba. Or swimming with the dolphins at Chaakanaab (a private beach for day users with a restaurant, lockers, etc). The island is basically flat and isolated. Shopping is basically boring. Snorkeling or scuba are your best bets.

Labadee - do the zip-line. It is one of the tallest in the world. It is just one long/fast span where you are really up high. Lots of fun. You can't shop or rent cars in Labadee, you are confined to the beach.

Have fun & good luck!
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