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Good morning Donna, Luanne, Sharon and all who follow.

It's a dreary overcast day here in upper East Tennessee, albeit it's not cold.

Wonder if anyone saw the segment on the Concordia on 60 Minutes last night. If not, suffice it to say they are working on righting the ship which will certainly take more than abundance of engineering skills. They plan to have it upright sometime next summer. They're actually going to right it onto a specially built steel platform. They have round the clock divers working on preparations including preventing the ship from sliding into deep water. The divers are housed on a special barge that has been placed very close to the wreck. What they worry most about is that storms could break up the ship before she can be moved. Were that to happen the sections would indeed slide down into deep water and result in an environmental catastrophe for that pristine area. Already there's more than enough debris and other detritus littering the ocean floor.

The chief engineer of the project says that even though one can't really see the effect of the sea on the wreck, Concordia is indeed suffering degredation with every wave that hits her and it is somewhat of a race against time before she does physically break up. He has every confidence, however, that the project will go just fine. They already have dozens of divers from all over the world who work in shifts. The divers can only be down 45 minutes at a time and must get into a decompression chamber within five minutes of arriving on the surface.

Once she has been righted, Concordia will be towed to La Spezia (I think I've spelled that correctly) where she'll be broken up. This effort culminates in a 400 to 500 million dollar bill.

Although we're all heartbroken over that horrific shooting in Connecticut, I nevertheless hope each one of you has as good a week as possible.
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