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I know this thread is specifically speaking to RCCL, but I just returned from the Carnival Breeze (8-day E Carib) and they had this deal going also (Cheers). $49/day (including 15% gratuity) that included all drinks up to $10 and then discounts on anything above. The drinks were beer, wine, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic cocktails and included the premiums listed. The only time you would go over $10 was if there was something really special. For those who drink the basics, whether frozen or rocks, etc. you would be fine. I'm not trying to sell Carnival vs. RCCL, just that it may not be the best deal. I bought it, and drank like I normally would, with a little extra on sea days, and they made money on me. I kept my receipts and added them up on the last day to compare and Carnival was +100. So, be realistic on what you would drink before buying the package. The good thing is you never think about the cost because you've already paid it.
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