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I do a little short crusie on the Connie in a couple of weeks. I did a 12 day on the Solstice lat summer. The ship was too big for my taste-although beautiful. I have heard some say the Connie is really worn looking-that makes me sad because she was a wonderful ship. I felt the same way about the Zenith-even though there were no balcony rooms on her.

I hope Celebrity will do something to "save" these smaller ships and concentrate on giving them back some of their former glory now they have finished building the S class.

I suppose hubby and I should just look into Azamara or similar lines. I guess that may be the future for hubby and I. We need to cruise lines like Azamara and cruise only every 2 or 3 years-since we would not be able to afford to as often-but to keep going on ships we are not as happy with the experience in order to cruise more often is a waste of money I guess.
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