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Default An original christmas poem by Lakers Fan

On the first day of Christmas Manuel said to me
Glad to read this its so very funny

On the second day of Christmas Paul Motter said to me
Will your poem include Trip and Kuki?

On the third day of Christmas Todd said to me
Oh how I miss New York City

On the fourth day of Christmas Moraine said to me
This is so cool ,Ari

On the fifth day of Christmas LuAnne said to me
This is really good but so silly

On the sixth day of Christma AR said to me
I hope you do not do this for money

On the seventh day of christmas Donna said to me
Oh how I wish I was on the sea

On the eight day of christmas aerogirl said to me
Do not forget to include katlady

On the ninth day of christmas Fern said to me
Do you have a Hanukah ditty

On the tenth day of christmas Bob said to me
Don't forget about us in Indy

On the eleventh day of christmas everyone else said to me
Thanks for writing this Henry

On the twelvth day of christmas I said to everyone on CM
Have a Wonderful and very Merry Christmas

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