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The Galaxy, etc.... were nice ships but really dated for today's market. Too few balcony cabins and don't forget that terrible vibration from the dual screw propeller configuration.

Connie is due to be Solsticized in May 2013.

When I was onboard the ship I asked during the media conference what "name, catch-phrase or concept" Celebrity was currently using to maintain its reputation as the "culinary cruise line?"

It was as if they had a great rep with Michel Roux, then they let him go and went with a different "purveyor" of chefs from Vegas who found them Jacques Van Staden (who has a decent reputation) but he was quietly replaced by the current guy John Suley.

I have to say the answer I got sounded a little defensive at first; (from the F&B head of the cruise line), He said "You mean John Suley who is a two-time James Beard award nominee?"

That's not saying much compared to a 2-star Michelin winner (Michel Roux), but I did not say that. He rambled on but eventually said "we feel our food reputation will be conveyed through the "components" on our ships"

In other words, the branded restaurant names like Qsine, and Blu, .... (how many can you name?)
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