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If you have kids I think you are better off sticking to the mainstream cruise lines of Disney (obviously). Royal Caribbean, Carnival or NCL.

Disney's kids programs are so thorough that you may not see your kids at all until mealtime, and even the meals are planned to be full-time "events"

Royal Caribbean has the DreamWorks characters - so it is similar to Disney in the sense that character "experiences" are really one of the top draws to Disney. I would say the dedicated kids experiences are far more elaborate on Disney beyond kid's characters, however. You have the interactive game floors, dress-up parties, crafts, jungle-gym type things, etc far more than any other lines. The showtime entertainment on Disney is also much more child-oriented, although Disnay is a class act and the entertainment is also good for adults.

The Royal Caribbean kid's experience has Dreamworks, but beyond that cannot compare to Disney. They have computer games, dress-up talent shows, movie-time, etc. They also show DreamWorks films in 3D. But only about 1/3 of all entertainment onboard will appeal to kids as opposed to 100% on Disney (which is arguably better for adults).

NCL has the Nickelodeon characters (SpongeBob Squarepants) - but the rest of their kid's experiences is closer to Royal Caribbean than Disney, but they do not have 3D movies onboard.

Carnival's programs are all proprietary, except for the nighttime Hasbro game shows. But during the day as far as I know you will not get much more than the standard computer games, dress-up, karaoke, talent shows, movie night (on a big screen TV in the children's area).

If anyone can elaborate on what I have written here - I appreciate it a lot.
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