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Originally Posted by Sistersolo View Post
We only had their week of school vacation, so our choice was limited to the Caribbean and we chose the MSC Poesia, which had a noticibly more European atmosphere. The children's program was a surprise in that it didn't start until mid-day (sometimes 11, once or twice not until 2) but went long into the evening and even included an overnight slumber party. And since kids sail free, their parents had more to spend on excursions or shipboard. The kids loved everything about it except that there is no separate pool in the kids' area, just a few-inch-deep puddle for the little ones to sit in.
I think this is very interesting. MSC is VERY European oriented, and the Europeans often do not eat dinner until 9:00 or 10:00 pm - so it makes sense that everything would start and end later.

One thing I think the kids would like is the main showroom entertainment since the Europeans tend to like things like puppeteers and other acts that are not too oriented towards any one culture. You don't have to be an adult to "get it".
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